M3 ARK with Tonometry (TonoRef II)

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Marco M3 ARK with Tonometry

The Marco M3 offers the same space and time saving features as well as the dependability of the original M3, because it is 3 instruments in one, the only one of its kind. The M3 presents several enhanced features such as a smaller footprint, to save even more space, and a new exterior design, but most importantly, the M3 now uses SLD (Super Luminescent Diode) and a highly sensitive CCD device to provide Zonal Ring-Image Technology. This makes it possible to now accurately measure patients with cataracts, corneal opacities, IOLs, and post LASIK.


  • Automatic Refraction
  • Automatic Keratometry
  • Non-Contact Tonometry
  • Space Saving
  • Time Saving
  • High-Speed Measurements
  • Accurate Data
  • EyeTracking System
  • Auto Measure
  • Adjustable Monitor
  • Motorized Chinrest
  • Softer Air Puff


www.oicnw.com Marco

Key Features

  • Auto Refractor/Keratometer Measurable Range
  • Sphere –30.00D to +25.00D (V.D. =12mm), (0.01/0.12/0.25D increments)
  • Cylinder 0D to ±12D (0.01/0.12/0.25D increments)
  • Axis 0° to 180° (1°/5° increments)
  • Minimum Measurable Pupil Diameter 2mm
  • Chart Scenery chart (balloon target)
  • Radius Curvature 5.00 to 13.00mm (0.01mm increments)
  • Corneal Refractive Power 25.96D to 67.50D (n=1.3375), (0.01/0.12/0.25D increments)
  • Auto Track & Automatic Data Capture X-Y-Z direction, Automatic Data Capture
  • PD Measurable Range 30.00mm to 85.00mm (indication increments: 1mm)
  • Corneal Size (CS) 8.1mm–14.6mm (indication increments: 0.1mm)
  • Pupil Size (PS) 0.8mm–12.1mm (indication increments: 0.1mm)
  • Non-Contact Tonometer
  • Measurement Range 1mm Hg to 60mm Hg
  • Measurement Range Settings APC40, APC60 (APC=Automatic Puff Control) 40, 60 Standard PC p uff does not automatically adjust
  • Working Distance 11.0mm
  • Eye Fixation Inner Fixation Light
  • Auto Track & Automatic Data Capture X-Y-Z direction, Automatic Data Capture
  • General Information
  • Monitor Multi-position tilt 5.7 inch color LCD
  • Printer Thermal line printer with automatic paper cutter
  • Power Supply AC 100-240 V±10%, 50/60Hz
  • Power Consumption 100VA
  • Dimensions & Weight 10.23”(W) x 18.93”(D) x 19.9”(H) / 50.7 lbs.
  • Standard Accessories Spare printer paper, Chinrest paper, Power cord, Dust cover, Model eye