M4 Ultra Slit Lamp 1640

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The complete Ultra M Series of Slit Lamps have been fully redesigned and engineered to accommodate and maximize the benefits of the new, superior LED slit lamps. The new LED illumination, with a color temperature of 3500 K, allows greater visibility and clarity of anatomy and tissue structure, with brighter and sharper light.
A single element, high-luminance LED provides a beautifully consistent and uniform light compared to multiple element LEDs.
The Ultra M Slit Lamps are neat and compact with no exposed wiring, giving them a noticeably sleek and stylish appearance. Contemporary and durable finishes have been selected both for lasting application and patient appeal.


MARCO M4 Ultra Slit Lamp 1640

Exceptionally natural and comfortable view is created by a parallel optical system with 6° converging binocular tubes, incorporating high-eyepoint, extremely wide-field eyepieces and Galilean Magnification changer.

Key Features


  • Single-element, high-luminance LED illumination
  • 5-power Parallel / Galilean optics
  • 0-14mm continuously adjustable aperture
  • Patented, built-in Background Illumination system for digital imaging
  • Completely integrated (cable free) low voltage electronic system
  • Expanded chin rest design for easier patient access
  • Cobalt blue, Red-free, Yellow, Blue LED correction filters
  • Self-contained headrest & baseplate assembly