HEINE Video Omega 2c Binocular Indirect Video Ophthalmoscope

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Binocular Indirect Video Ophthalmoscope

The only Binocular Indirect Video Ophthalmoscope designed and developed entirely for video applications. Ideally suited for teaching, research, patient clarification, digital patient history and telemedicine.

  • Fully integrated camera system. No external brackets or prisms.
  • Compact. Lightweight design (65g, camera head without cable, complete 250g).
  • Water-proof camera head. Can be placed in disinfectant solution (but cannot be autoclaved).
  • 100% dustproof system. No maintenance required.
  • Optics specially-developed. Maximum brightness.
  • High-resolution A-Cam camera. CCD 470,000 Pixel, 460 lines.
  • Image sensor. 1/2″ CCD, color.
  • Focus adjustable for any working distance. From 250 to 800mm.
  • Automatic white balance.
  • Automatic light metering at the center of the image. Reduction in reflections.
  • Automatic light boost. Boost function for examinations with low lighting.
  • Brilliant image with an S-VHS monitor.
  • FBAS (composite) and Y/C (SVHS) outputs. Extensive compatibility and high image quality.
  • Optional PAL or NTSC format. Please specify when ordering.
  • Connecting cable. 3m.
  • Processor will connect to various output devices, such as: VCR’s, digital printers, PC’s with image capture software.
  • Video OMEGA 2C can be supplied without a camera for use with user’s own “C”-mount CCD cameras.