Heine LAMBDA 100 Retinometer C-002.35.015 TL

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HEINE LAMBDA 100® Retinometer C-002.35.015 TL

Includes: Lambda 100 Retinometer plus acuity scale, with universal twist lock, head only.


  • The Best Materials: All optical components are mounted on a cast aluminum frame.
  • The Best Warranties: 1 year parts and labor. Lifetime against defects in manufacture.



  • XHL Xenon Halogen Technology and Brightness Control: Avoids patients discomfort from dazzle.


  • Compact and lightweight: The only compact instrument for assessing potential visual acuity. Can be used anywhere, even bedside.
  • Simple Controls: Reliable diagnosis, easy to operate.
  • Fits on battery or rechargeable handles: Complete mobility – no dependence on the slit lamp. Use with existing handles.
  • Compatible with Competitive Handles: This version is compatible with competitive Twist Lock handle systems. For HEINE AV connection version, please see C-002.35.015AV


Three simple steps to Potential Acuity Assessment with LAMBDA 100.

[ 01 ] Switch on instrument, select acuity, select grating angle, reduce ambient lighting.

[ 02 ] Rest Retinometer against the patient’s forehead. Scan the pupil with the red light spot to find a “window” through which the patient can recognize the grating pattern and identify its angle.

[ 03 ] Select progressively-finer grating patterns with different angles until the patient can no longer recognize the angle.  The value of the last recognizable angle indicates potential acuity.

Heine-Lambda-100-Retinometer-patient-OIC   Heine-Lambda-100-Retinomter-grating-patterns-oic