Heine Beta 200 Streak Retinoscope C-002.15.353 TL

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HEINE BETA 200® Retinoscopes with HEINE ParaStop®

Includes: BETA 200 Streak Retinoscope with (Universal) Twist Lock Connector, Head Only.


  • The Best Warranty in the Market: Lifetime service warranty. Never pay for service while you own the BETA 200.
  • Lifetime Dustproof Guarantee: Crisp, clear views for a lifetime.


  • HEINE XHL Xenon Halogen bulb: Provides excellent color rendering and long life.
  • Precision HEINE Optics: Multi-coated HEINE made optics ensure crisp, exceptionally bright reflex.
  • Internal Polarizing Filter: Exclusive positioning eliminates stray light and internal reflections without reducing reflex brightness.



  • Ergonomic Enclosed Vergence Sleeve Design: Comfortable design allows for effective operation of vergence and rotation.
  • Detachable Brow Rest: Increased comfort and control for users who wear glasses.
  • Patented ParaStop Setting: Allows for quick and easy selection of parallel beam which simplifies the verification of cylinder axis.
  • Streak or Spot: Convert to spot by changing the bulb (X-002.88.090 Spot bulb).
  • Fixation Cards: Optional fixation cards and holder available (C-000.15.360).
  • Compatible with Competitive Handles: This version is compatible with Universal Twist Lock handle systems. For HEINE handle compatible AV version, please see C-002.15.353AV


ParaStop and Polarisation filter

[ 01 ] Polarisation filter, eliminates internal reflexes and stray light.

[ 02 ] Semi-reflector mirror: Simultaneous illumination and observation.  Reflected light from the retina enters the examiner’s eye.

[ 03 ] Condensor lens adjustable by a single control sleeve: Produces a divergent, convergent or parallel beam of light.

[ 04 ] A special retinoscope bulb rotates for diagnosis of the cylinder axis.

[ 05 ] ParaStop simplifies and speeds up the precise detection of cylinder axis.