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All-in-one Smart System® PC Plus

With over 3,500 pediatric systems in use world-wide, the design of the Smart System PC-Plus was developed by pediatric professionals. Features such as hands-free fixation control to allow the doctor to perform a retinoscopy while controlling fixation to maintain the child’s attention. Or the illuminated LCD keypad designed to display to the Doctor what is being projected on the LCD monitor thereby allowing the Doctor to maintain their focus on the child rather than what is being displayed on the monitor.

After careful consideration and the review of other companies that lack quality optotype presentation, Dr. Lea Hyvarinen selected M&S Technologies as the sole provider of the LEA symbols in North America. Unlike copycat symbols or “looks just like” LEA symbol imitators, this industry standard for testing children’s eyes are calibrated, tested and peer reviewed. With no visual clues, the LEA symbols all blur at the same threshold giving the eye care professional the confidence in an accurate measure of visual acuity for even the most challenged children.

Key Features of the Smart System® Standard

ATS Amblyopic Treatment Study Interface

The Smart System PC-Plus system is approved by the JAEB center in Tampa, Florida for use in the ATS study by Pedig Investigators.View Abstract.

http://archopht.jamanetwork.com/article.aspx?articleid=267839 The system runs parallel to the vision testing system and is easily accessed by the illuminated keypad or touchscreen input. It eliminates the need to have a separate EVA computer system for trial subjects that takes up valuable space and can be inconvenient.

Wireless Touch Screen Tablet

Our new touch screen tablet key pad allows the user to quickly and easily control each and every feature on the Smart System Pc-Plus. Bi-directional communication allows for complete randomization eliminating the memorization effect and customization of the display screen. The display presents the same information that is on the LCD monitor allowing the user to maintain their attention on the child rather than turning around to see what is being displayed on the monitor. This unit is fully customizable, wireless and highly reliable for Pediatric practices.

Auto-DVD Play

The Smart System PC-Plus now gives you the ability to control the DVD player on any PC based computer running Windows® XP or Windows 7. Simply press a single button to access the DVD drive and play any DVD instantaneously. No need to wait for the DVD to load, spin up or access given tracks on the player.  Can be used for fixation or patient education.


The Smart System PC-Plus is the only pediatric system that incorporates the Lea Symbols for screening children. Unlike other companies who offer “look just like” Lea symbols, the true Lea symbols are calibrated, tested and peer reviewed and all blur at the same threshold. Approved for use by the American Academy of Ophthalmology as the Infant See program, Lea symbols are the symbol of choice for pediatric professionals. 

Threshold Distance Stereo Testing

An industry exclusive, the Smart System PC-Plus gives you the ability to determine threshold distance stereo testing with either redblue anaglyphs or liquid crystal shutter glasses. Both applications can use random dot stereo, contour stereo or LEA Symbols for quick, efficient analysis.

External Fixation Target

Designed and built for years of performance, our new external fixation target gives you the ability to instantly activate a fixation device that immediately fixates even the youngest of children. A series of LED’s in an asterisk shape illuminate and play very soothing music to assist in fixation. USB controlled and programmable to any button or key on the M&S input device, this target works extremely well and can be added to any M&S system running version 4.0 or greater.

Fixation Light

An external fixation light can be added to any Smart System and controlled via remote or keypad. The user can elect to use the standard luminance levels or customize the luminance at the configuration screen.

Non-Accommodative Fixation Target

A fixation target that moves within a small target area giving the eye-care professional the required fixation when needed without being affected by accommodation. The user can easily program the timing of the target movement or simply keep it stationary. Developed by M&S at the suggestion and guidance of Dr. Robert Gross, Ft. Worth, Texas.

Fixation Videos

We offer a complete set of pediatric fixation video’s for the pediatric professional. Choose from 8 different commercially license fixation videos to fixate your youngest patients. Each video is between 25 and 35 minutes in length and will auto-repeat at the end of the video.

Warranty & Extended Service

The warranty on the Smart System® PC-Plus is one-year inclusive of all components. The end user owns the software license for life. M&S Technologies offers the most responsive service in the industry with 24-hour hardware replacement and 24/7 access to experienced personnel. M&S Technologies maintains industry certification to quickly service equipment. An extended service contract is available.