Marco ENCORE 1291 Instrument Stand

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Marco-ophthalmic-Instruments-OIC  MARCO ENCORE 1291 Instrument Stand

Encore Instrument Stand features the PERC room lighting system


  • The Encore Stand combines the proven mechanical structure and durability of the popular Deluxe2 Stand, with a modern, sophisticated appearance
  • The Encore Stand is built around the Programmable Electronic Room Controller ( PERC) System. The PERC is a simple programmable room lighting system that controls overhead fluorescent and incandescent room lights. Any console panel switch or instrument well can conveniently be programmed to follow any exam room sequence.
  • Two versions of the Encore Stand are available—a basic model (1290) and the full PERC model (1291)
  • In addition to the electronic release switch and the chair elevation switch on the lower slit lamp arm, the Encore Stand also includes a separate slit lamp switch to control the overhead lamp and room lights.
  • A state-of-the-art membrane console panel controls all instrument functions, overhead room light functions, and chair elevation/return functions. A back-lit display window also shows menu settings and illumination status for the PERC system.
  • Standard Marco ten-step, hand-finished Misty Grey Enamel painting process.
  • Optional counterbalanced or noncounter-balanced 3rd arm is available.
  • Three (3) rechargeable wells and (3) three 115v electrical receptacles.
  • Wheelchair accessible