Heine HSL 150 Hand-held Slit Lamp C-002.14.602 TL

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HEINE HSL 150® Hand-held Slit Lamp C-002.14.602 TL


Includes: HSL 150 Hand-held Slit Lamp with Universal Twist Lock Connector, Head Only.


  • The Best Materials: All optical components are mounted on a cast aluminum frame.
  • The Best Warranties: 1 year parts and labor. Lifetime against defects in manufacture.


  • Multi-Coated 6x Magnification Optics: Detailed, high resolution views.
  • Xenon Halogen Illumination: Sharp, bright and homogenous slit.
  • Continuous Slit Adjustment: From 0.2 mm x 10 mm to 4 mm x 14 mm
  • Integrated Blue Filter: Can be selected for corneal examination.
  • Optional 10x Loupe Attachment: Increased magnification, detail, and working distance from patient.


  • Compact and lightweight: Ideal for situations where a full size slit lamp is not available or convenient.
  • Uses the same handle system as your other Diagnostic Instruments: Similar feel and positioning as Ophthalmoscope and Retinoscope. Use with your existing handles.
  • Compatible with Competitive Handles: This version is compatible with competitive Twist Lock handle systems. For HEINE AV connection handle compatible version, please see C-002.14.602AV
The ideal portable addition to a static full-size slit lamp.  HSL150 features bright, white XHL Xenon  Halogen illumination comparable in intensity with the best static slit lamps for examination of the anterior segment. The compact, ergonomic design provides instant loupe alignment of the slit image for comfortable operation.  HSL150 provides a 10mm x 0.2mm up to 14mm x 4mm slit image for direct focal  illumination with an optical section.  The ideal alternative for examinations where a static slit lamp is not available or practical to use. This hand-held slit lamp is invaluable for screening, in accident and emergency rooms, and for bed-ridden patients or small children.

Typical applications include:

:- Corneal examination for foreign bodies or ocular trauma.

:- Corneal examination with fluorescein using the precision interference cobalt blue filter (FITC).

:- General examination of the anterior segment, iris and crystalline.

:- Primary diagnosis of patients with eye infections.

:- Examination of elderly and bed-ridden patients.

:- Contact lens work.

:- Industrial medicine.

:- Compact design for complete portability and ease of use; HSL150 instrument head weighs only 2.5 oz, the lightest portable Slit lamp available.