Heine Beta 200s Ophthalmoscope C-002.30.120 AV

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HEINE BETA 200S® Ophthalmoscope C-002.30.120AV 


Includes: BETA 200S Ophthalmoscope with Heine AV (Automatic) Connector, Head Only.


  • The Best Warranty in the Market: Lifetime service warranty. Never pay for service while you own the BETA 200.
  • The Best Materials: All optical components are mounted on a cast aluminum frame.
  • Lifetime Dustproof Guarantee: Crisp, clear views for a lifetime.


  • HEINE XHL Xenon Halogen bulb: Provides excellent color rendering and long life.
  • Precision HEINE Optics: Multi-coated HEINE made optics ensure crisp, high-resolution views.
  • Exclusive Aspherical Optical System: Eliminates corneal reflex, a full view is guaranteed even with small pupils.



  • Ergonomic Design: Comfortable design allowing effective operation of the controls.
  • 74 Diopter Settings:  Single steps from +38 to -36. Perfect focus in all examination situations.
  • 7 Apertures and Separate Red-Free Filter: A full assortment for any examination need.
  • Compatible with Competitive Handles: For universal twist lock handle compatible version, please see C-002.30.120TL


“Aspherical Optical System” (AOS) exclusively from Heine eliminates corneal and iris reflexes to provide large, crisp and glare-free fundus images.

[ 01 ] Flat, elliptical illumination beam produced by HEINE’s Aspherical Optical System.

[ 02 ] Observation path.

[ 03 ] Redirected iris and corneal reflexes.

[ 04 ] The elliptical light beam enters through the lower half of the cornea. The illumination beam has been separated from the observation beam (Gullstrand-Principle).  All reflexes are diverted away from the observation beam due to the curvature of the reflective cornea. Due to the flat, compressed form of the light beam, a maximum amount of light enters through the pupil.

[ 05 ] Once past the anterior chamber, the light beam opens up dramatically to illuminate a large area of the retina.