Marco CP-770 LED Auto-Chart Projector

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Marco CP-770 LED Chart Projector

Sophisticated new design is much smaller and lighter than previous models. New maintenance-free LED illumination system produces a brighter, more consistent high-resolution image. Instant random access of 33 popular charts via infrared remote control.Smaller, more streamlined remote control is more comfortable to handle. Chart masking buttons allow the user to isolate individual lines horizontally, vertically, as well as individual letters, numbers, and characters. Two “maneuvering” buttons allow the user to move up or down the Snellen acuity range a line at a time in a horizontal mask. Three programming buttons isolate separate programs for individual users.

• An individual red/green chart, and a separate red/green filter is also provided.

• 11 speciality / polarization charts

• 9 Snellen charts (5 20/20 lines, 3 20/15 lines, 2 20/10 lines)

• 5 Numbers charts (2 20/20 lines, 1 20/15 line, 1 20/10 line)

• 4 Illiterate E charts (2 20/20 lines, 1 20/15 line, 1 20/10 line)

• 3 Children’s charts (1 20/20 line)

• New modern wall and table mounts include a unique tightening system.

Marco’s new CP-770 Automatic Chart Projector combines all of the sophistication and efficiency of our previous model 690, but in a more compact, modernized design.

In addition to being smaller, lighter, and cosmetically more appealing, the CP-770 Chart projector also incorporates a new maintenance-free LED illumination system that produces a brigher, more consisten high-resolution acuity image.

By providing the option of programming up to 33 total charts in any order, the CP-770 Chart Projection System allows the operator to conduct an eye examination by simply pressing one button on the remote control to advance to the next chart. While allowing you to pre-program a sequence of charts in advance, the CP-770’s random access capability provides the option of randomly selecting any chart while you proceed with the programmed refraction.

Sophisticated masking features allow the user to isolate and maneuver individual horizontal or vertical lines, as well as individual letters, numbers an characters. You also have a choice of special polarized tests as well as a Red/Green chart and a separate Red/Green filter.

The standard selection of the 33 charts not only includes a wide variety of Snellen, iliterate E’s, numbers, and pediatric charts, but the 770 also includes eleven specialty charts and two ETDRS LogMar charts. To help eliminate patient memorization, ten individual 20/20 lines are available on the CP-770, as well as additional 20/15 and 20/10 lines for the more discriminating refractive surgery patients.

Since the CP-770 is fully automated which an infared remote control, the projector can conveniently be mounted out of the way on a wall mount, or a secure shelf or table. The sensitivity of the infrared system allows you to aim the remote control practically anywhere in the exam room to activate a chart selection. Also standard with the 770 is a special projector screen which maintains the polarization effect. Marco CP770